All You Need is love Neon Sign Led

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All You Need is love Led neon sign created and designed for your event, space, or home decoration.
Beautiful neon lights will be gorgeous decoration almost everywhere.

This new technology lets us create almost any sign.


- These neon signs are safe due to Low voltage (12V adapter included)
- Neon Sign is made from silicone tubes unlike glass neon, so it is non-fragile.
- Power cord included 2 meters
- Compatible with UK/US/EU Plug-In 

Neon Sign Delivery & Shipping

Delivery time:
5-10 working days after approval confirmed.
We can make very urgent orders. We will charge an additional $100 for each piece. The production time is 3-5 days

Free shipping on all neon sign orders!
United States: 3-10 working days
Australia: 2-7 working days
United Kingdom: 3-10 working days
Europe: 3-10 working days
Rest of the world: 3-10 working days